About the Institute

Education Institute is a premier institution in Mumbai, Maharashtra established to equip the youth with quality as well as career-oriented education based on high ethical values enabling them to achieve their potential and creative abilities.


We analysed the website of the Institute and as a result came to the conclusion that the website’s page loading speed was quite slow, it took around 25s to load and had poor long-term growth and scalability. Due to poor upkeep, there were few visits to the website. The design of the existing site looks outdated and has low-quality UI, photos, fonts, etc. The site isn’t very user-friendly and lacks a few features required for the user. It has a lot of distraction which distracts the user from the main goal.

Strategy with Solution

Digital Millenia collaborated with faculty and staff to design a robust but easy-to-use site that helps users tailor pages to their specific needs while maintaining an overarching consistency. The main goal was to re-design the site with modern yet convenient features which could attract more potential visitors.


The institute needed to replace its sprawling, outdated website with a new one that could advance its big achievements. The result is a dynamic site that attracts potential students and tells Institute’s story more effectively. The design of each element of the site encourages visitor interaction and is customized to guide visitors further into the user experience. Developing and launching. Each course page is designed to both highlight the unique features of the course and address the challenges potential career paths students may get. The page is designed to be flexible and easily adapted to create new landing pages for future additional courses.

The website has had over 30% more site visitors since the first 4 months post-launching.