Website Design & Development

Offices are cool, we have nothing against them, but offices are also history. Today’s market prefers convenience and instant access to information over visiting your work place personally. If your business requires a person to person meet then be assured that your prospective consumers/clients have researched about you online before coming to you. Could you imagine the amount of business that you have lost already if you don’t have a website or even worse, have a bad website? Websites is where your consumer’s visit to figure you out and to decide whether they would deal with you and we are damn good at making them.

Website Development
Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s continue to pretend that google is the only search engine in the world. (It’s kind of is for all practical intents and purposes but….) Would you like to be on the first page of google search results and not by paying for ads? The businesses which appear on the first page without any ads have worked very hard to be there your business could be among them with our help.

That is what we do in Search engine marketing we work towards giving you a top position in google and Bing (this is a search thing by Microsoft.) search results.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Are you on Facebook, Instagram, twitter? Ever notice the ads flashing by as you are scrolling through posts? Ever wondered how it would feel like if you could see an ad for your business on those websites one day? Well, stop wondering we could turn that dream of yours in reality. Social media is what drives brand recognition now a days and your business should have been on it yesterday.

Content Marketing

Who, what, which, when, how and where? Your content lets your clients/customers know things like profound philosophy which drives your business to smallest of technical details required. We do blogs, articles, and website content to drive your business further.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Let’s pretend google is the only search engine in the world. (It’s not.) Now when you search for a product or service which your business offers to your clients, whose website shows on the first page of google search? Do you remember the top three links which show up? Most probably those are ADs how could your business name be up there? We help with you all that and more.

Google Adwords
Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development

From ordering food, to shopping and booking tickets you must be using a lot of apps already on your mobile phone. An application is like a permanent window to your business which your clients carry in their mobile phones, it creates a personal relation with your client and increases your trustworthiness drastically.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Remember your childhood cartoons? That’s 2d animation. Ever played games on PC and Mobile, that’s 3d animation. Remember how you feel when you see a huge ball of flames and dust in action movie explosions? That’s visual effects. Do we need to tell you that anyone who has experienced even one of the above remembers it for the rest of his life? Animation has a deep impact on people and your business.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration services are the process of transferring data, applications, and other business elements from on-premise servers to a cloud computing environment. Cloud migration services can help businesses achieve digital transformation, improve performance, enhance security, and reduce costs. Cloud migration services can be offered by cloud providers or by IT partners who have expertise and experience in cloud migration. Cloud migration services involve a strategy, a timeline, and a way to measure success. Cloud migration services can also help businesses choose the best cloud platform and model for their needs, whether it is public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Software Development

Shopping portals and extensive websites needs effective an efficient ERP and CRM to perform smoothly. These have to be designed in a way that are flexible and adaptable with your growing business and increasing requirements. We understand what a growing business needs and are committed to deliver it on time.

Software Development

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